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I would like to recommend Dan Sharron of Highland Air. Dan was extremely helpful in explaining how the system works and proposed a great solution for installing the venting system. The vent pipe in the basement was nicely tucked away and will not interfere with any future plans to finish the basement. Best of all, he was able to reduce the radon level from 110 pCi/L to 1.2 pCi/L with a low amp fan that will have minimal impact on our electric bill. Dan was very professional, knowledgeable and reliable throughout the process.

Thanks for the great work!
James, Rotterdam, Schenectady County

We want to thank you for work on house. You reduced the original radon level from 180 pCi/L to below 2 pCi/L. You accomplished this by using a minimum-size fan, which is also most economical to operate. In addition, the system you built didn’t have a negative visual impact on our house. Although we don’t plan to sell our house in the near future, we are now confident that a radon issue would not put off a prospective buyer.

Cheryl, Voorheesville 

Our customary radon mitigation service was booked and unable to accommodate us in the time frame required for a real estate transaction. Highland Air was recommended by our other mitigation provider.
Dan was prompt, offered a fair price, got the job done professionally, and on time! I would recommend Highland Air without reservation.

Cindy of Roohan Realty, Saratoga 

I just wanted to take a minute and thank you for the work you performed at my house last month. It was refreshing to deal with someone who was prompt, informative, and conducted himself in a professional manner. I was very appreciative of your willingness to discuss radon gas with me over the phone last January/February when I discovered it was present in my home. You were direct, willing to share information, and lastly and most importantly, you installed a system that was “right” for our home. The system you installed is unobtrusive, aesthetically matches our house, and is extremely effective. You promised me there would be a substantial drop in the radon level after the system was installed and there was exactly that. I’m glad I listened to you and I would highly recommend you.

David, Great Barrington 

For three years, I struggled with a radon problem in my home. The original mitigation system was not doing its job – it could not reduce the radon level to below 8 pCi/L. The radon issue caused me to lose the sale of my house. I hired Highland Air and Dan performed “sub-slab diagnostics” to determine why the existing system was not working. He then explained to me what needed to be done. Dan made the corrections and the post-mitigation results were 2.0 pCi/L.

Thank you, Dan!
Rich, Oneonta

After 10 years as a real estate agent, I have recommended Highland Air to my clients many times. Dan is highly knowledgeable, extremely professional, and very competitive in pricing. My clients have always been happy with his services.

Lauren of Prudential Manor Homes

Ken Rose
Ken Rose
13:23 15 Sep 17
The elevated levels of radon, discovered as part of an inspection performed on my home for a real estate transaction, surprised and disturbed me. However, after a phone call to Highland Air, Inc., Austin Sharron assured me that the results are not uncommon in this area and that the solutions are usually quite effective. A short while later, he visited my property, performed some assessments, and gave me a reasonable estimate of costs as well as a thorough explanation of the remediation process. The installation took place when scheduled and involves a great deal of hard work, literally drilling under my basement and installing a vent over my roof. All the work was performed in a most professional manner. Upon completion, Austin and Daniel Sharron explained how the system worked and how it should be maintained. The system itself is unobtrusive, operates quietly, and the external fan and vent present a reasonably attractive appearance. But more importantly, this system practically eliminated all traces of radon in my home. I was impressed with this company's knowledge, workmanship, and results.
Kate Aarnio
Kate Aarnio
16:00 20 Oct 17
Wonderful experience. From estimate to install to follow up availability, Austin was pleasant and professional. Turns out we are the third house on the street to use Highland Air, and we would highly recommend them to work in your home!
Sharon Romer
Sharon Romer
00:12 29 Sep 17
We highly recommend Highland Air, Inc to take care of your radon problems. We would not have been able to sell our property if the radon was not brought down to State regulations. Almost all of the radon has been eliminated by the mitigation system they installed. We thank them for the expertise and efficiency they showed while installing the system. Thank you Austin & Dan
Kris Darlington
Kris Darlington
14:57 17 Jun 17
Professional, extremely prompt and responsive, emails and calls were answered quickly every time. Highland installed a radon mitigation system in my historic mid-century modern house - I was concerned the system wouldn't match the character of the house - Daniel and Austin chose materials that blended in very well and I'm extremely happy with the result. Before Highland my home radon levels were at 8.0 pCi/L, after Highland air I'm measuring 0.7 pCi/L. I would recommend them to anyone.
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