Highland Air Services

Highland Air designs radon-mitigation systems that are unique to each and every structure while considering future uses of basement areas and minimizing any negative impact on the building’s aesthetics.

Sub-slab diagnostics are performed to determine the appropriate size of fan and to minimize the number of suction points (penetrations through the concrete floor). Most Highland Air radon systems require only one suction point.

Highland Air can correct radon-mitigation systems, which were installed by other companies that failed to reduce radon below the 4 piC/L level. 

Our system performance is guaranteed to reduce radon below 4.0 pCi/L.

All radon mitigation systems designed and installed by Highland Air will achieve the guaranteed result stated in the contract. In our contract, there are no additional fees for additional work. 

When the cost is quoted, that is the final cost. 

Highland Air will install replacement fans on systems built by other companies; however, Highland Air cannot guarantee radon levels. Some existing radon-mitigation systems never had their effectiveness demonstrated.

Highland Air Inc. is exclusively a radon measurement and mitigation company and provides no other environmental, building repair, or home-enhancement services.