What Our Customers Say

I would like to recommend Dan Sharron of Highland Air. Dan was extremely helpful in explaining how the system works and proposed a great solution for installing the venting system. The vent pipe in the basement was nicely tucked away and will not interfere with any future plans to finish the basement.

Best of all, he was able to reduce the radon level from 110 pCi/L to 1.2 pCi/L with a low amp fan that will have minimal impact on our electric bill. Dan was very professional, knowledgeable and reliable throughout the process.

James, Rotterdam, Schenectady County

Our customary radon mitigation service was booked and unable to accommodate us in the time frame required for a real estate transaction. Highland Air was recommended by our other mitigation provider.

Dan was prompt, offered a fair price, got the job done professionally, and on time! I would recommend Highland Air without reservation.

Cindy Roohan of Roohan Realty, Saratoga Springs

I just wanted to take a minute and thank you for the work you performed at my house last month. It was refreshing to deal with someone who was prompt, informative, and conducted himself in a professional manner.

I was very appreciative of your willingness to discuss radon gas with me over the phone last January/February when I discovered it was present in my home. You were direct, willing to share information, and lastly and most importantly, you installed a system that was “right” for our home. The system you installed is unobtrusive, aesthetically matches our house, and is extremely effective.

You promised me there would be a substantial drop in the radon level after the system was installed and there was exactly that. I’m glad I listened to you and I would highly recommend you.

David, Great Barrington